Many people are helping to seed the future for the children of Uganda. In the last few days some donations have been received again. Now the start for the power supply (solar system) has also been successful – 200 euros! Thanks to all donors!

A generous donor who has already made a contribution has transferred us 83 euros for a teacher’s desk and the matching chair. Now we can already equip three classrooms with desks.
The long-awaited letters from the local court and the tax office have finally arrived. Our friends association is registered as an association under the number VR703016 and may use the addition e.V. The Singen tax office has confirmed to our friends’ association in a letter dated November 25th, 2020 that it is non-profit according to §§ 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO!
Now we can also issue donation receipts.
The 2nd chairwoman of the association, Ricarda Simon, has been busy promoting our association and thus for the concerns of the SHAK Junior School in her home parish in Ulm (Zum guten Hirten). She collected money at the Advent meetings and after the service. A “manger” that wanders from place to place and institution to institution will also take our concerns with us. Thenativity scene is currently in the nursing home.

On the new “Download” page, you can now download the membership form for our friends’ association, but also a lot of more detailed information about the SHAK Junior School.

School director S. Luyinda sent pictures of the first two classroom bookshelves today. Now our donors can also look at the shelves that they have bought here!

The association “Friends and Supporters of Shak Junior School in Bulabalulu, Uganda” is founded. The founding meeting took place on 09.09.2020. 1st chairman is Klaus Gresser, 2nd chairman is Ricarda Simon from Ulm.
Today came the news that the association is registered in the register of associations of the Freiburg District Court under the number VR 703016 and may have the addition e.V.

At the moment, the statute is to be applied for again at the tax office to apply for non-profit status.

New, generous donations have arrived! Thank you very much! By now we achieved for our school van over Euro 2000, -.
The first two donations for the classroom shelves will now be transferred to Uganda. Then headmaster S. Luyinda will immediately commission a local craftsman to make it. We are excited!
The statutes for our planned friends association have been checked and approved by the tax office. The foundation of the association can now begin.

In the meantime we have tried to improve the situation of the school further. It soon became clear that the possibilities of the supporters group would only improve fundamentally if we were able to achieve the status of “non-profit”. For this reason, we want to found a non-profit association. The relevant articles of association have been drawn up and are currently submitted to the relevant tax office for review. This will enable us to issue donation receipts in the future!

Through contact with Mr. Andreas Lerbs from the Archdiocese of Freiburg, we have received further help and information on which institutions (including Caritas Uganda) we can contact with a request for support. School director Saad Luyinda, for example, has submitted appropriate applications for funding (especially for the 2nd school van and water supply).

We also thank for another donation for school furniture (classroom shelf).

Our generous donors enabled us to purchase two teacher desks and the associated chairs. In line with our promise to our sponsors and supporters, school director Saad Luyinda immediately had two sets made in a local carpentry workshop. The two sets have become very good in terms of quality and design. Convince yourself – here!

The donation amount for the wall clocks has been reached. The amount of 84 euros (+ 4 euros transfer fees) has been transferred to Uganda. School director Saad Luyinda immediately went to Kampala and bought the eight wall clocks. In the meantime, he has even had the school’s logo printed on it. You can see how good they look here.

As everywhere in the world, schools in Uganda are currently closed. Since March 20, 2020, the entire school has also been suspended at the Shak Junior School in Bulabakulu. In a speech to the nation, President Museveni has now announced the first easing in Uganda. Trucks and Boda Bodas (motorcycle taxis) will be allowed to drive with a passenger who has to wear a mask again next week. Large supermarkets are also allowed to reopen, subject to strict precautionary measures.

We have now achieved one of our goals. The donations for the wall clocks are complete! School director Saad Luyinda will try to get the wall clocks in Kampala despite the prevailing restrictions. After that we will take pictures of them and present them here on our site.

With our most important measure, the school bus, we have now reached 1750 euros. So far a nice success!