In the classrooms there are blackboards that have been permanently installed on the wall and have only been wiped dry. As a result, the visibility of what is written is correspondingly poor. There are also two oblong school desks and to the left and right of them only the simplest school desks.
In the past year 2020, donations made it possible to purchase a teacher’s desk with chair, a wall clock and a classroom shelf for each classroom. School principal Saad Luyinda hired local handicrafts in Kampala to make them. In this way, local craft businesses can also be supported!
Two classroom libraries were also donated. Here the school principal is still busy putting together and buying the books.
There is still no extra staff room or material room. There is no material or device for physical education, music or art. There are also no school books for the students’ hand. Only the teacher has a copy for lesson preparation. Three more classroom libraries are urgently needed so that the children can practice reading. However, the children have exercise books for some subjects. You only write with a pencil. Most of the notebooks are in poor condition because the red dust, which is still ubiquitous, covers everything in a very short time.