1. How does the donation/transfer of money work?
    You have two ways to donate:
    a) You transfer directly to the account of Shak Junior School in Uganda
    b) You transfer to the German bank account of Shak Junior School. I will then transfer the amount, minus the transfer fees of the service providers, to the school’s bank account in Uganda.
    What is the best way to transfer the money?
    Do not transfer to Uganda via a German bank. From my own (painful) experience I know that the bank fees for transfers to Africa are enormously high.
    This is how I transfer money to Africa: Use a service provider like WorldRemit (www.worldremit.com/d/) or Transferwise (Transferwise.com) I have already transferred money to Uganda with both and can recommend both. Transferwise is a little easier, but costs slightly more, e.g. a transfer of 20 Euro costs 1,99 Euro – 2,77 Euro. At this time WorldRemit has very low costs for transactions, – only 99 Cent (Euro).
    If you need help or have questions about donations and transfers, please contact us by mail! We will help in any case!