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Ulm has become the centre of support for the SHAK Junior School. Especially many Ulm residents (and those “around” them) support the further development of the school with their donations. This is particularly convincing when you look at the “wish list” / or the list of “what is needed”. It is unbelievable what could be made possible in a short time. As soon as school director S. Luyinda sends us photos, we will report in detail about the purchase of the equipment and the further development!


Recently, an in-school teacher training on “Learning to Write and Read” took place at SHAK Junior School. Of course, with the structural development of the school, the further development of the teachers’ pedagogical skills must also progress. This training measure was a first fundamental step in this direction. Further training measures are planned and will also be coordinated with the teachers.

The initial task list of purchases for the SHAK Junior School is now almost complete. Most of the goals have been achieved.

So it was time for school director S. Luyinda to define new goals, new purchases for the further development of the school. Now the new list is “online”. Let’s get it done! Please help!

Easter market in Ulm Bofingen: On two Sundays before Easter, the parish “Zum Guten Hirten” Ulm-Bofingen organised an Easter market under the direction of the 2nd chairperson, Ricarda Simon. Many hard-working volunteers tinkered, worked, designed and organised in order to present an appealing Easter offer. An unbelievable 954 Euros (+150 € from Engen) were raised during the two days. 200,- €, which were still missing, were immediately transferred to Bulabakulu to finish the dining hall.

Here is a brief report on all the latest news:

1. on the download page, a PowerPoint presentation by school director Saad Luyinda can be downloaded here. It was created on the occasion of a “Zoom” session I held with Saad Luyinda recently. It shows the current state of development of the school.

2. the 2nd chairwoman of the association, Ricarda Simon, organizes two Easter markets in Ulm on the coming and the following weekend for the benefit of the SHAK Junior School (Kirchengemeinde zum Guten Hirten in Ulm-Böfingen).

3. a “Dining-Hall” for the children of the SHAK Junior School was integrated into the nursery building. Approximately 200-300 Euros are still missing to complete the dining hall.

Further progress in the construction of the nursery: The roof is now completely finished, except for a few works. The doors and windows ordered in advance have already been delivered. They will now be successively installed in the nursery building.
At this point, it should be pointed out once again that every donation generates multiple benefits: Not only the school and thus the children benefit from this progress, but also the economic development in and around Bulabakulu. After all, only local workshops, businesses and craftsmen are commissioned.

What worries us a little financially are the currency swings currently occurring on a large scale in the transfer of euros into Uganda shillings. In addition, inflation is of course driving up prices in Uganda as well. Thus the financial plan of the kindergarten was exceeded by 545,- Euro. Thank God we still had reserves and were able to make up the shortfall.

Completely new possibilities through your donations: After the installation of the solar power supply at the main building of the SHAK Junior School, the use of a computer is also possible. This also opens up possibilities in Bulabakulu that have long been standard elsewhere: Computer-aided organization of school administration. However, this still requires additional computers and appropriate software.
The roofing of the Nursery building is also progressing (photo).

The remaining amount for the financing of the complete Nursery section building has long since arrived in Uganda. The poles for the roofing have already been delivered and the first roof beams have been set. It will certainly not be long before the roof of the Nursery is finished. Soon after, the next steps in the interior construction, such as doors, windows and floors, will follow.

In Bulabakulu, at the SHAK Junior School, there is now also electricity and thus electric light, – quite unusual! The generous Rotary Club donation will be implemented step by step in the construction of the Nursery!

Thank you again for this unexpected large donation from Ulm, Neu-Ulm.

Wonderful news! A belated Christmas miracle reached us these days. The Nursery section for the now 108 nursery children, of which the shell was already completed, is now completely financed and the money is already on its way to Uganda. How? The Rotary Club Ulm/Neu-Ulm donated its entire Christmas donation of 9270 Euros (!!) to the SHAK Junior School. This unbelievable wave of helpfulness from Ulm made the people in charge in Bulabakulu, especially the founding and school director Saad Luyinda, very happy. You can view his letter to the Rotary Club on the on the right side. Many thanks to the members of the Rotary Club Ulm/Neu-Ulm, to the president, Mr. Scherer, and to the tireless “liaison woman” from the Rotary Club to our development association, Ulrike Scherr-Simon.

The first two weeks of school are over and a lot has happened again in that time. More and more parents see the progress at the school and entrust their children to SHAK Junior School. Currently, 192 children are being taught in Kindergarten and Grades 1 – 5. A great success for the school community. The pictures show the children back at their school.

The building situation also continues to improve. The shell of the nursery section is completely finished, as the picture shows. The first funds for the roofing of the nursery section are also available. Soon there will also be electricity at SHAK Junior School: The amount for the electricity supply has already been transferred and soon the solar system can be installed. Furthermore, the entrance gate has been built, which is also a concession to the government’s COVID 19 decree: access to the school must be regulated.

After 83 weeks or almost two years, schools have also reopened in Uganda from 10.01.2022. This was one of the longest school closures due to the COVID pandemic worldwide! This extremely long school closure and the opening in January was also widely reported in the German media. Since 10.01.2022, the children from Bulabakulu have finally been allowed to attend “their” school again. The second picture shows the children on their arrival at SHAK Junior School.