“Seeding the future”, – is the slogan and conductive thought of the SHAK JUNIOR SCHOOL. Behind this is the idea of the school founder to provide the smallest (kindergarten children) and the youngest (primary school children) with the most comprehensive and best possible school education. In this way, he wants to improve the medium and long-term future of his country Uganda.

The mission 

Removing barriers so that access to school becomes possible for everyone. In the community of Bulabakulu, a school is to be built to provide comprehensive education in a safe and appropriate environment.


1. The school aims to equip all its learners with the capacity for lifelong learning so that they can later achieve an adequate standard of living.
2. All members of the school community should be given equal opportunities for their development.
3. The school is a part of the Bulabakulu community and strives for a constant and intensive connection to the community.
4. Parental rights are to be strengthened by involving parents in the work of the school.
5. The children should be educated to become responsible and God-fearing citizens within the community. They should be equipped with all the skills needed in a constantly changing world.
6. To empower students to build stable social relationships based on law, mutual understanding and cooperation.
7. By creating jobs for both teaching and non-teaching staff. Within and outside the community, the school aims to make a positive contribution to the development of Ugandan society.


  • love, care and compassion to the learners
  • God fearing
  • discipline
  • respect for human dignity
  • integrity
  • accountability
  • teamwork
  • excellence for all