“I’d love to donate, but where’s the money really going?”    “Most of it’s going to the administration anyway!”    “I don’t know what to do with the money.”

I’m sure you’re familiar with such statements and suspect similar ones? Considering the flood of requests for donations from all corners of the globe. For this reason I try to go a different way with my partner in Uganda, the headmaster and founder of the school, Saad Luyinda.

We will tell you exactly what your donation is for and what happens with your money. You yourself, nobody else, decide what you want to spend your money on. How does it work, – explained in a short and simple way?

The responsible person on site in Uganda, school director Saad Luyinda, reports what is needed for the school, e.g. a teacher’s desk and what it costs. You can buy the teacher’s desk for the school by transferring the amount directly to the school account in Uganda. Of course you can also pay into a German bank account. The headmaster will purchase the item. When the money is received, the homepage will show that the item (desk) has been purchased and Mr. Luyinda will also publish a photo of it.

So you can see very concretely what has been purchased for the school with your money! The greatest possible transparency is our endeavour!