Here you can decide what you want to donate for. We have made a list of the most urgently needed purchases in the near future. Example: You can buy a teacher’s desk and a suitable chair for the school.

The desk costs 63 Euro, the chair 20 Euro. That makes a total of 83 euros. You transfer the amount to one of the accounts, stating the intended purpose, “teacher’s desk and chair”.
The headmaster in Uganda will procure the things accordingly and upload a picture as proof!

A picture below you can already find the next major project – the nursery section. The COVID regulation of the government of Uganda makes it necessary that the Nursery section children have to be allocated a separate area with appropriate rooms. Please look for it too!

The construction of the Nursery section is now in the foreground of all efforts of the SHAK Junior School. This re-evaluation of the necessities resulted from the COVID regulation of the government of Uganda. Only when this area has been successfully created can the little ones go back to school / or. go to nursery. Until then, they are excluded due to the lack of space.

School director S.Luyinda had the kindergarten area planned by the architect and divided into smaller, feasible phases / steps. Depending on how much money is available, the next step, the next phase, is set in motion.

The foundation of the building is already in the implementation phase (see also pictures under “News” and “What have we achieved”).