On this page you can decide what you want to donate to. 

School director Saad Luyinda has prepared an updated list of currently needed and planned purchases for the school.
It is currently the 2nd “to do” list. What we have already achieved for SHAK Junior School, you can see them here on the “What have we achieved?” page.

In this way, you decide for yourself specifically what you want to buy for the school. Example: You would like the children to be able to play with a “real” football and decide on a football from the list. Unit cost: 18 €. You transfer the amount to the account of the friends asscociation with the reference “football”. For smaller we collect the money on the account and then transfer the money to Uganda. Larger sums, for example if you buy all the footballs (178,-€), we transfer the money immediately. School director Luyinda will then procure the corresponding items and as proof we will upload a picture of it and if you wish we will inform you about it by mail!

As transparent as possible!

By the way: Except for the transfer costs to Uganda, – per transfer 0,99 € – we have no (0,-€) administration costs! Costs such as for the website, flyer, etc.  without exception are borne or donated by the two chairmen. In this way your donation comes directly to the children in Uganda!