At this point, we would like to show what the friends association have been able to achieve for SHAK Junior School through the support of its members and numerous donors. This page also serves as a record for the donors of how their donations have been used. At this point, it should be pointed out once again that the Association has no administrative costs whatsoever. Even the 99 cent bank transfer costs per transfer to Uganda will be borne by the two chairpersons from now on. So 100% of your donation will benefit the SHAK Junior School!

With the help of your donations, we were able to help purchase the necessary school furniture over a longer period of time. All the furniture was commissioned and made in the country itself, in the capital Kampala, by a local craftsman. So you donate twice. The local businesses are supported. You can see for yourself the excellent craftsmen who worked here.

Each classroom now has a teacher’s desk with chair and a classroom shelf.

Until now, there was only one clock in the “secretary’s office”. As one of our first donations, we were able to donate a clock with the school’s logo for each classroom.

Since 24.07.2021, the extension to the existing building has been completely finished. Thus, the first complete building of the school master plan is now finished. Work on the building began in the spring, as can be seen in the photos. With the help of their donations, the friends association were able to provide the material for the roof, including iron sheets. You can see what the first school building block looks like in the pictures.

In the picture above you can see our first “ToDo” list, i.e. the first list of goals and tasks, which the friends association, in consultation with the school director Saad Luyinda, created. In the meantime, most of the goals have been achieved. Those that are still waiting to be fulfilled have been transferred to the new list “What is needed?School director S. Luyinda has now created the second “ToDo” list. We want to achieve new tasks, new goals for the benefit of the school and nursery children in Bulabakulu.

Through numerous, generous donations, we were able to help solve one of SHAK Junior School’s biggest problems – an independent, own fresh water supply at the school! The second well drilling was finally successful. In addition, water tanks for rainwater harvesting could be purchased.

School director Saad Luyinda made the following graphic about the development of the water supply at the school.

Initially, there was no power supply at all at SHAK Junior School. Since March 2022, a small solar system has been installed on the roof of the main building, which provides an adequate power supply, e.g. for computers and lighting of the school grounds. The possibility of being able to operate a computer in the office now naturally also offers the possibility of being able to digitally design the school administration of the constantly growing school.

A nursery needs playground equipment. – needn’t it? Various break games and equipment could also be purchased for the children.

Two large individual donations “cleared” the wish list for various balls. Volleyballs, basketballs and footballs now delight the children during sports and breaks.

The long-awaited nursery section was completely finished in mid-April 2022. We owe a large part of the total construction costs of around € 16,000, namely almost € 10,000, to the generous Christmas donation of the Rotary Club Ulm/Neu-Ulm.
The nursery now has windows and doors and, in line with modern requirements for early childhood education, is generously designed with a rest room and dining room. More and more children are being admitted to the nursery in Bulabakulu. Finally, the children now have adequate (also Covid-compliant) premises.

In a second step, parts for the interior (e.g. beds for the rest area) as well as the playground equipment for the children could be purchased in the meantime.

A very big wish could be realised at the beginning of 2021 with the help of many small and big donations. The urgently needed seven-seater school van could be purchased. Now the children no longer have to be stacked and crowded together to school. What a relief!

In the meantime, however, the somewhat larger school bus was no longer sufficient. A second school bus was needed and was also financed by the friends association at the end of February 2023 and purchased in Bulabakulu. Thanks to your donations, there are now two school buses on the road at SHAK Junior School!