In spring 2020 I was assigned to the Senior Expert Service (SES) in Bonn for four weeks as an expert for school development issues at the SHAK JUNIOR SCHOOL in Bulabakulu Uganda. Bulabakulu is a very rural community, two hours drive north of the capital Kampala.

During this time I got to know and appreciate the members of the school community, the children, the teachers, the headmaster and many of the parents. People like you and me, – with the same hopes, dreams, wishes and ideas. Equipped with innovative ideas, enormous diligence and creativity in coping with their not always easy everyday life.

But there is one very decisive difference to us, the people in Europe and in Germany: It is the conditions under which the people in Uganda have to live their lives, their everyday life and their profession as teachers.

As a European you simply cannot imagine what the living conditions of a “normal” Ugandan are like. Practically everything that we take for granted is missing: there is no electricity supply, no water supply in Bulabakulu (thanks to the friendst association, there is now its own water supply on the school area!). There is no state support for private schools. There are no windows and doors in the school building. There are also no kitchens. The food, also for the school children, is cooked and prepared on the open fire. This list could be continued endlessly. On the following pages of this supporters’ homepage we would like to introduce the school to the interested public in more detail and advertise our support for the school.

The aim of the friends and supporters is to improve the conditions at the school in many small and some big steps, in order to implement the school’s motto “seeding the future”.

On the following pages you will also find out how you can help, not with anonymous donations, but concretely.

Thank you very much for your interest!

Greet you kindly

Klaus Gresser